Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) - medicines

Inclusion in DAEN - medicines does not mean that the adverse event has been confirmed or that it was caused by a medicine or vaccine.

The DAEN - medicines allows you to search adverse event reports for medicines including vaccines received by the TGA. The TGA uses adverse event reports to identify when a safety issue may be present. The DAEN - medicines does not contain all known safety information. An assessment of the safety of a medicine or vaccine cannot be made using the DAEN - medicines alone.

If you are experiencing an adverse event, or think you may be experiencing one, please seek advice from a health professional as soon as possible.

Talk to a health professional before starting, stopping, or changing your prescription medicines.

Anyone can report a suspected adverse event, including members of the public, health professionals and pharmaceutical companies. We encourage reporting even when it is not clear that a medicine or vaccine is the cause. Information from these reports is published in the DAEN - medicines and reflects the observations of the person who reported the event.

People who experienced an adverse event cannot be identified. Maintaining their privacy is of critical importance to the TGA.

The DAEN - medicines is a 'living' database that is frequently updated. Information may change if we receive more details on an existing report or if we identify duplicate reports and combine them. Updates may also occur as part of our data quality assurance activities.

For more information about the search results and how to interpret them, see: More about the DAEN - medicines